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The Elemental Spellbook

by Jacob S Kellog
First Thoughts​


 I love the variety of schools the spells come in, so it isn’t singularly evocation spells. The variety of effects outside of just damage is also something I can’t wait to play with as a DM and watch my players play with.  For the most part the damage and effects of the spells feel pretty balanced for the levels they are at and while they do mirror other spell effects the elemental spin to it makes it enjoyable.

Cold Spells

1. I don’t feel good about the “you are unaffected by this spell. Additionally, you may designate a number of other creatures up to your spellcasting ability modifier to also be unaffected by the spell” steps on the toes of the evocation wizard. 



2. It seems too strong for a 4th level spell, especially since it has no material component and isn’t concentration. It is also very similar to some of the investiture spells, which isn’t necessarily bad but if one were to bump the spell level it could be weird.



3. I originally thought the lingering shield should be something that happens only once you cast it at a higher level, but if my idea for this spell was implemented it would be weaker than the regular shield until upcasted with a higher spell slot.

Fire Spells


1. This spell feels overpowered even for a 9th level spell but like sometimes overpowered is fun so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2. So my first thoughts on this spell was that the damage is high compared to other 4th level spells that only do one type of damage AND it ignores fire resistance. It seemed a bit too strong for a 4th level spell, but it is almost on par with damage from Wall of Fire (same level) deals the entire time it’s around.


3. So on a first glance it looked like the initial amount of magma mephits the spell lets you summon is on par with other “conjure x” spells but then it gets out of hand at higher levels, but doing the math it matches the Conjure Animals progression.



4. Pretty cool spell, originally thought it was to strong but comparing it to Wall of Fire it’s fine.

Lightning Spells


1. Having it increase by increments of 5 every level above 5th level feels overpowered.


2. This spell has the same overpowered issue that it’s cousin (Flame Body) has but like an overpowered 9th level spell can be fun. I love it.  I do have an issue with the use of the name Raiju in this. I had to go look up what the name was in reference to. “Raiju is the companion of the Raijin, the Shinto god of lightning.” Randomly naming things after gods from predominantly religions of color leaves a bad taste in my mouth if the person doing it isn’t a part of said group/religion.

Final Thoughts​


I love every single spell in this spell book. I might be tweaking some of them before giving them to my players but in general I will be using every last one of them. The utility given to a number of spells will make for interesting gameplay at all tables.

I have two issues with this supplement. The first is I have no idea what classes should and shouldn’t get these spells. Obviously, the wizard will have access to most if not all of these spells, but I am just flapping in the wind in regard to the warlock, bard, sorcerer, the arcane subclasses (arcane trickster, arcana domain, eldritch knight). A little direction would be great. Second, I would have liked to see more wind and water spells. Wind and water are criminally under-developed in official 5e products.



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